Bratislava Soap Wrestling

If you are not a fan of mud, there’s a super clean offer! Soap wrestling girls may not be grimy, but their fight has the same level of savagery and liveliness as the one in a mud.

Watch them getting clean in a dirty fight with no rules! With every round, their aggression, vigour and determination rise and so does the temptation in the air. Tiny bubbles not only copy their sexy bodies perfectly, but slippery soap makes them fall in positions that make you feel aroused. Wet female wrestlers bite and scratch their bodies, tear off their bikini and hold themselves tight in order to win.

Don’t miss out this hot soap show and fix your eyes on sexy curves of two attractive wrestlers who do their best to grab your attention and win your applause.

Bratislava Chocolate Wrestling

Watch girls wrestling and diving down into the chocolate cream. Literally, sweet ladies fight in a delicious chocolate coating.

These female wrestlers were too bored with an ordinary chocolate massage or nourishing chocolate face mask. A sweet chocolate coating was for their taste buds too mundane and unsatisfactory, so they gave their beloved chocolate brand new form – a wrestling ring!

Sexy girls turn into little sexy cakes when performing their original hand-to-hand combat in melted chocolate. It’s a jaw-dropping and mouthwatering experience at once! Despite the angel faces and slim figures, their right hook can knock you out. You better make yourself comfortable on a couch and feast your eyes on sexy hens cuddling up and getting their bodies dirty from sweet chocolate.

You may taste chocolate right from their skin, but first, you need to win a fight over them! right hook

Bratislava Jelly Wrestling

Boys love gummy bears and men love stunners wrestling in jelly! Discover how jelly cream perfectly copies women’s curves.

Our bikini beauties fight tooth and nail to win your applause. They might seem innocent but their fists are strong and their courage indomitable.

The fight takes place in a pool full of colourful gel. Girl’s well-shaped bodies must cope with a slippery jelly, and therefore they mostly fight lying one on the other. The rules are simple: Any part of the body can be touched, slapped, bitten or scratched. It’s a spontaneous and uncontrolled fight, and that’s what makes it so tempting and seductive!

Be careful about what is happening in the pool! You can easily find yourself sunken in jelly without underpants, but with two girls proudly holding your limbs!