Naked Mud Wrestling

Experience super thrilling and the most seductive stag do in your life! Feast your eyes on naked mud wrestling girls and boost your stag do in the trendiest club in Bratislava!

Grab a beer and take your seat in front of the pool. You are going to experience a great deal of dirty fun and the best of Bratislava - female mud wrestling!

A couple of bikini girls will perform a show of your life. They will show off their sexy curves with tempting dancing to make sure they put you in the right mood.

What comes next is dirty-great! Girls enter their playground full of mud and sludge and they shake the show up! Pretty tender ladies turn into wild, aggressive hens in one second and start wrestling! The fight is uncontrolled, fully spontaneous and everything is allowed - scratching, biting, hair tearing and touching the body wherever it's needed!

Our wrestling ladies with the heart of Amazons don't have it easy! The mud is slippery and it's a hard job to maintain a balance and keep standing on the feet. You can take an advantage of these uneasy conditions and enjoy the view on two hot bodies cuddling up in mud! Don't hesitate to encourage our wrestlers with loud cheering and chanting!

Bratislava mud wrestling is for sure an experience you describe in detail when your friends ask you about your stay in Slovakia!

Price € 590 per group
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How does it work?

Our local guide meets you at your hotel and escorts you to the wrestling center. You receive a welcome drink at the bar and not long afterwards a tempting wrestling show starts out. The girls fight takes about 20-25 minutes. You can participate in the show by the 3rd round.

When wrestling is over, we wait for the participants to have a wash. You can stay in club and go for more drinks or head for the city.