Bratislava Bikini Mud Wrestling

Bikini Mud Wrestling

Are you ready for a jaw-dropping experience? These bunch of cheeky girls is going to perform an overwhelming show!

Sexy cuddling bikini-girls are a guaranteed eye-opener. Except that our hens are not going to snuggle up, but to pick a merciless fight and win your applause!

Feast your eyes on the most sexy event ever! The gorgeous girls will bite, strangle, kick, scratch and tear up the hell out of them! Their fight is sexy and terrific at the same time and you have a unique opportunity to be their exclusive onlooker. You will be amazed by the vigour and energy they put in the battle. Our brave wrestlers will proudly deserve your encouraging and loud cheering.

Moreover, if you pluck up your courage you can challenge them to a duel. Let's pick a fight against two sexy wrestlers but look up - Don't get confused with their sexy innocent look! They'll have no mercy and you are at serious risk of losing your pants!

Price from € 409 per group
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More info on the price

The best price is valid for groups of maximum 10 persons. There is supplement of 10 EUR per person as of 11th person.

How does it work?

Our local guide meets you at your hotel and escorts you to the wrestling center. You receive a welcome drink at the bar and not long afterwards a tempting wrestling show starts out. The girls fight takes about 20-25 minutes. You can participate in the show by the 3rd round.

When wrestling is over, we wait for the participants to have a wash. You can stay in club and go for more drinks or head for the city.